Electromagnetic field of Surface waves propagation in fiber-reinforced generalized thermoelastic medium

KH. LOTFY, M. Gabr


The objective of this paper is to investigate the surface waves in fibre-reinforced anisotropic elastic medium subjected to magnetic and thermal fields. We introduce the coupled theory (CD), Lord-Shulman (LS) theory and Green-Lindsay (GL) theory to study the influence of magnetic field on 2D problem of a fibre-reinforced thermoelastic. The analytical expressions for displacement components and force stress are obtained in the physical domain by using the harmonic vibrations. The wave velocity equations have been obtained in different cases. Numerical results for the temperature, displacement, and thermal stress components are given and illustrated graphically in the presence and absence of the magnetic field of the material medium. A comparison is also made between the three theories in the case of presence and absence of fiber-reinforced parameters.

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