Adomain Decomposition Method for Direct Integration of Bernoulli Differential Equations



We introduce the basic and less known methodology of Adomian Decomposition Method (ADM) for differential equations. We then formulate the method to obtain analytic solutions in a rapidly convergent series to some class of higher order differential equations.The concept  of  ADM  is further  applied to various Bernoulli Differential Equations (BDEs) and  the  results show excellent potentials of applying this method.

Author Biographies

Z. A. Adegboye, Institut de Mathematiques et de Sciences Physiques,IMSP-UAC

Research Fellow,Mathematics

G. Degla, Institut de Mathematiques et de Sciences Physiques,IMSP-UAC


H. O. Edogbanya, Department of Mathematical Sciences,Federal University Lokoja

Senior Lecturer,Mathematics


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Adegboye, Z. A., Degla, G., & Edogbanya, H. O. (2020). Adomain Decomposition Method for Direct Integration of Bernoulli Differential Equations. Journal of the Nigerian Mathematical Society, 39(2), 211–221. Retrieved from